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What can be the reason for taking loans from non-bank institutions? Difficult financial situation, desire to have something, addiction? The reasons why so many of us use the offer of loan companies could be exchanged a lot. The fact is, however, that because of them we are increasingly falling into a spiral of debt. Too low income, making it impossible to obtain a consumer loan from the bank on transparent terms, or maybe a credit history, showing a tendency to settle obligations late? The reasons why we are increasingly seeking non-bank loans are different and often have a background in the form of a difficult life situation, illness, and tragic events.

In a situation where a loan can be applied for under simplified creditworthiness verification rules, many people use this option improperly. To get a loan, they try to conceal some information that directly relates to repayment options. Even if you go through the verification procedure, it’s worth understanding that this will not be a way to improve your situation.

Request payday loan consolidation loans with us today

A person who is already aware at the start of the difficulties that await them in connection with the repayment of a loan taken will most likely have a problem with timely repayment. The situation is even worse when, with difficulties in paying off the loan, the idea arises to pay off the previous one with the next loan. It is troublesome to ask for too much money.

If we apply for a loan with the intention of borrowing and repaying a certain amount necessary in a given situation, we should stick to our will. However, we often succumb to the “excellent” offer, which encourages us to take a larger loan amount. This way you can quickly become the owner of several loans that you will have to pay back. People who have led to a situation where they have several payday loans can take advantage of the payday loan consolidation loans offer from

How is it working?

How is it working?

The consolidation of loans is primarily to reduce the borrower’s stress. All current liabilities will be combined into one, for which one repayment installment will be determined. Consolidation is a way of spreading the repayment date over a longer period and adjusting the amount and payment dates of installments to the current financial capabilities of the borrower.

Consolidation of loans eliminates stress related to several payments, and by adjusting the amount of one installment to income, even in such a difficult situation, you will be able to live a dignified life until repayment.

The best credit banks and credit intermediaries online

This article makes no claim to objectivity, nor to a complete evaluation of all credit providers found on the Internet. Direct banks and other financial service providers who the author believes that credit customers in general or very specific groups of people find particularly fair conditions are recommended.

On the one hand, the recommendations are based on objective criteria such as interest conditions and flexibility, as well as the frequency of award and customer service. 

On the other hand, it is also about the question of which bank best suits which customer profile. A credit bank can offer the best interest rates in Germany, but only for customers with excellent credit ratings. Customers with slight dips in creditworthiness then turn better to other credit providers.

What should a good credit comparison do?

What should a good credit comparison do?

First of all, a sufficient number of banks must be taken into account in order to give the benefits a real market overview. But that’s not all. Realistic information about effective interest rates and detailed information about all other conditions such as the treatment of special repayments are desirable.

Some portals only compare the offers of their partner banks, from which they receive a commission if the transaction is successful. Other loan calculators also provide information about cheap loan offers from other banks – an important plus.

Based on these briefly outlined criteria, our winner is a financial service provider that may even be unknown to many credit customers. In our opinion, the best credit comparison is provided by Good Finance.

The comparison takes into account all major known direct banks and also smaller credit institutions that are ignored by other computers despite cheap loan offers. If you also want to include regional banks’ loan offers in the comparison, you can set the filter function accordingly.

The Good Finance installment loan comparison offers another significant advantage over competitors. Users can select the creditworthiness level that applies to them via a corresponding default setting.

In this way, irrelevant shop window offers can be avoided. The interest rate ranges displayed after selecting the credit rating level are significantly more realistic than with competing comparative calculators.

If you don’t want to rely solely on your own credit rating, you can get free Credit Checker information beforehand.

The E-Money loan calculator is good


E-Money offers some customer-friendly features. This includes the notification of the probability of being awarded immediately after sending the credit request. If it is 100%, E-Money promises to pay out.

A small loan is also offered, which can be processed fully automatically if the creditworthiness is available and can be paid out in a few minutes. The possibility of video identification and a secure upload of documents provided by most providers also accelerate lending.

The E-Money dream loan is a credit brokered by E-Money from private to private. The preferred loan taken into account in the loan comparison improves the chances of being granted, especially for the self-employed. Finally, E-Money provides commercial loans in addition to loans for private use.

Best loan broker online


Criteria for assessing credit intermediaries are a comprehensive range of loans for all customer groups, successful brokerage and serious advice. Of course, no upfront costs may be incurred. In our opinion, the winner in this category is Good Credit.

In addition to the pure construction financing (new construction of a property), Good Credit arranges practically every type of loan – from conventional consumer loans to credit lines and credit cards to home purchase financing. Loans can be arranged for all professional groups.

In particular, the self-employed have a chance at Good Credit for fair online loans that are granted after a lean application process.

Experience reports and reviews about Good Credit prove the high level of customer satisfaction.

There are no home visits and no attempt is made to pamper customers with unnecessary insurance.

While a loan conclusion via credit comparisons very often requires a good credit rating, Good Credit credit customers with a rather medium or poor credit rating have a real credit opportunity.

The financial service provider checks the credit inquiries manually and, unlike credit calculators, can, therefore, deal with the special features of each credit customer. Manual processing includes customer advice if this is desired. Loan processing itself is free of charge.

A fee-only arises when the loan is successfully brokered, which is usually borne entirely or predominantly by the credit bank.