Opinions about Needs Money Loans.

Amounts and terms of loans I need money

Amounts and terms of <a href=loans I need money” />

Between $ 1 and $ 400. That is the minimum and the maximum that customers of Spin Lender can aspire to. And between 1 and 33 days. That is the minimum and maximum term that these clients can establish as a money-back period that, in any case, can always be paid before said date, paying the interest equivalent to the time the credit has been in force.

It is interesting to highlight the offer that I need Money to those who request their first credit with the company: if the client manages to return the amount corresponding to the amount and interest within 10 days, the operation will be free, that is, without expenses no commissions.

No less interesting is the deadline for sending the money that I need Money in Spain: 10 minutes, a very short figure that turns these credits into real emergency solutions for unforeseen expenses.

Requirements to benefit from one of your microcredits

Requirements to benefit from one of your microcredits

The requirements to be able to enjoy the microloans of Fine bank are few and easy to fulfill. This is a short list with it:

  • Be of age
  • Being a resident in Spain
  • Be the owner of a bank account, which will be where the lender will deposit the requested money
  • Have a contact mobile phone
  • Have an email for possible communications
  • Do not appear in any defaulters file, as we will expand later

On the other hand, a situation that is not required here as an essential requirement is that of being an active worker, as is the case with other web portals, which ask for a payroll as proof of income. In this case, the door is also opened to pensioners and the unemployed who are collecting unemployment, since they are considered sources of income stable enough to be able to repay a low-amount credit.

Details about the return of a loan in Spin Lender

Details about the return of a loan in NecessityMoney

The payment methods accepted by Across Lender to return the credit are the usual ones: bank card, transfer or deposit to an account number specified by the lender. 

It is important to know that this lender does not accept partial payments, except when there is an extension due to delay, in which the installment is normally accepted to facilitate the cancellation of the debt, which becomes higher as a result of the extra expenses for delay.

In any case, in case of difficulties in meeting the date, the lender’s recommendation is that the client contact him in order to address the best solution to the problem. On the other hand, it is possible to anticipate the payment of the rapid loans of Across Lender without additional costs: in fact, this means saving money, since only the interest of the days already elapsed is paid.

A lender who takes delinquencies seriously

A lender who takes delinquencies seriously

A fairly general opinion on Spin Lender is that this lender takes the problem of late payment very seriously. In fact, do not process requests from those who are part of any list of defaulters in the country, such as Financial Credit Institutions. The objective of Fine bank is to process only those requests from customers who truly have sufficient economic conditions to face the return. And for this reason, they admit that they can derive from third-party companies the management of collection of a debt contracted by a client. In addition, those clients who do not comply with the agreed date may be included in lists of defaulters after 30 days of delay.

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